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Efficient Wheel Alignment

Omega Auto Repair & Towing in Fort Worth, TX is ready and able to provide exacting wheel alignment to customers. Many drivers may not realize their cards require this service. Think back to the last 10 times you drove – do you recall how many times you hit big bumps? When this happened, did you notice that your wheel steering seems a little off, as if everything had shifted a little? These changes often indicate that wheel alignment is necessary. When you hit a large pothole, it is likely that you have jerked the car’s suspension out of its calibrated location. Each car model and make has a specific positioning (“alignment”) of the wheel and suspension and Omega Auto Repair & Towing’s professional, certified bonded and insured auto mechanics have extension experience with a wide range of models and makes of car in Fort Worth, TX.

Although not a complex task, being considered a fairly routine auto repair request, wheel alignment is an exact procedure that is imperative for the healthy running and longevity of your car or truck. Wheel alignment provided by our team at Omega includes three components to ensure a thorough experience and precise adjustment. These are comprised of measurements: caster, camber and toe. Each of these measurements has an industry standard which our technicians are trained to recognize, measure and tune towards. Getting as close as possible to these measurements is a very exact skill, which Omega Auto Repair & Towing is proud to excel at.

With the assistance of the most up-to-date and professional measuring apparatus, our team of car mechanics and auto technicians will be able to perform wheel alignment in our dedicated auto repair shop in Fort Worth either on a “drop in” emergency basis or via a booked appointment. For further details of our services, price lists and opening times, give us a call now!

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