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Among the many services offered by our professionally trained team here at Omega Towing, you can find everything from local emergency towing to long distance towing services and also tow-dolly services. As professional technicians our team won’t just leave you up to your own devices, we are committed to passionate customer service and a guaranteed satisfaction with the results. Our tow dolly services are also included in these expectations. Whether you want a professional to do the towing for you or you’re looking for an expert to teach you how tow dollys work, we’ve got the expertise you need.

hy Professional Help is Best

Towing is not an easily accomplished task. There are many elements that come into play, and without the training or experience of a professional, easily made mistakes can lead to dangerous results. Safety is the top priority for a good towing technician like those we train here at Omega Towing of Fort Worth. Our technicians know the weight limits and requirements for every car or dolly, and they also know how to hook a vehicle up for guaranteed safe delivery. Finally they are trained in towing a vehicle and licensed to perform the service. Don’t take a risk trying to tow a vehicle on your own; let our professionals make sure you get where you’re trying to go without any damage along the way.

Omega Towing Policies

Our customer service has a reputation for satisfaction. This is because our pricing is affordable, our technicians are highly trained, and our services are prompt and reliable. We’re committed to bringing you the very best in towing service no matter where you are in Fort Worth. Our 30 minute response policy is a guarantee that 24 hours a day you’ll get immediate attentive and highly trained assistance, no matter what the situation is. Whether you need emergency towing or help with a towing dolly, you can count on Omega Towing.

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