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Omega Towing Testimonials

Client Testimonials

“What I love the best about Omega Towing is that they are always right on time, and never come a single cent in over the price they have quoted for you. And this price is always pleasantly received! The quality of work is second to none. I recommend them wholeheartedly for towing and emergency roadside assistance in Fort Worth!” Charles Zwick

“A huge thanks to the boys at Omega Auto Towing for the marvelous job they did helping to tow my car last week. A break down is always a big worry, but as soon as I called Omega, I felt immediately like I had done the best thing to quickly make the situation right again. And they did not disappoint at all. Amazing job, guys!” Jordana Creighton

“Omega Towing did a great job in repairing my car after a pretty serious fender bender I was in. I wouldn’t take my car to anywhere else in Fort Worth now as I know that I would not receive even close to this level of attentiveness and high quality work for the same price.” Graham Chase

“I had no idea that there existed such smart and safe ways for a locksmith to reverse a car lockout. I was very concerned that the only way to do it was to break a window, but I was totally wrong! I am very glad I trusted Omega Towing to do this; professional, courteous, fast and excellent value for money.” Enrique Velazquez 

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