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24/7 Jump Start in Fort Worth            

Get a Jump from Omega Towing in Fort Worth

There are few things we love more at Omega Towing than helping car owners get back on the road without us. Roadside assistance is a service we take seriously and are glad to provide to all Fort Worth drivers no matter when or where you’re in need. Roadside assistance is about more than just bringing along the tools to get the job done, it’s a matter of pride. We strive to do our very best and raise the bar on service in the towing industry. Give us a call for a jump start service in Fort Worth and we’ll show you how we live up to our reputation as the leading service in the area.

Professional Jump Start – Leave it to the experts

Perhaps you’re of a different opinion, but we believe that calling for the professionals is a far superior solution to being stranded in a parking lot or on the side of the road. Roadside assistance services don’t begin and end with jump start services either. You can call us for many situations including the following:

  • Car Lockout: Whether you’re locked out because you lost a car key or locked it in the car Omega Towing techs can help you get your car unlocked without doing any damage using the right tools and our expert lock picking skills.
  • Car Key Cutting: An ignition key broken off in the ignition or perhaps a key in the door, even lost car keys need to be replaced before you can go anywhere. Every truck has the tools to help you cut keys on the spot, we can even help program new transponder keys to communicate with your car.
  • Dead Battery Jump start: Sometimes batteries are old, other times you leave a dome light on, whatever the situation, you can’t jump a dead battery without help. Calling our professional technicians means you cannot only get the jump you need, but you can also benefit from their expertise. We can often help diagnose battery problems so that you can get a more permanent solution.
  • Gas Filling: When you run out of gas on the side of the road we’re here to get you those couple extra gallons you really needed. No big deal, give us a call and we’re there for you.
  • Flat Tire Change: It doesn’t matter when or where you are in Fort Worth, you should call up Omega Tire to help you fix flat tires. It’s never a smart idea to change a tire on the side of a busy highway without the protection of a properly lit emergency vehicle.

24/7 Omega Towing is here to provide the ultimate roadside assistance to Fort Worth drivers. One call is all it takes to get immediate service from highly trained professionals. Let us help you get back on your way call us today!

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