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We asked our customers what that most inconvenient situation that’s occurred when they’ve been in their car and going about their business. Unanimously, the top answer after breaking down and running out of gas was getting locked out of your car.

We agree – It’s the worst thing – you can see your car keys through the windows and almost touch them if it wasn’t for the pane of glass separating you from your comfortable car seat! Of course you don’t want to damage your car unnecessarily; you want to get back in your car safely and with minimal damage. That’s why we are on hand to provide you with inventive and safe solutions to your car lockout in Fort Worth.

There are a whole host of methods we at Omega Towing can employ to reverse that inconvenient and annoying car lockout in Fort Worth. Safely, professionally and carefully, our trained, bonded, insured and certified auto locksmiths will come to the scene of your car lockout and get you back into your car. We are car key specialists and can always cut you a new set in addition to providing you with safe car lockout solutions when your keys are lost or your keys are locked in your car.

Our car lockout services comprise a wider part of our emergency car locksmith services, a selection of which is featured below:

  • Car Lockout Services
  • Car Keys
  • 24 Hour Emergency Lockout Services
  • Car Locksmith Services

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